Who is the Guitarist?

I’m just someone who plays guitar and likes to know about everything guitar. There are millions like me, they just need to get together and share the stories of their dream setup, their dream concert, and their dream jam session.

9 responses to “Who is the Guitarist?

  1. Bob

    Please forgive me if I’m doing this wrong or somthing, I’m new to this blog stuff & I’m probably screwing up your thread or somthing but I’m a guitarist and I’m bored and I feel like writting, so I hope you can just erase this if it isn’t something that you want here.
    Whatever happened to music? How did it become so commercial? Didn’t it just start out to be something fun people did for enjoyment and to entertain other people? Why did it become a way to make money? Greed ruins everything. Think about some old cowpoke sitting around the campfire in the 1800s making up a song to sing to his gal when he got back home. That’s what it’s all about. My grampa used to say ” That’s a difficult finger excirsize but it aint pretty.” I think about that everytime I hear some young shredder who’s playing a million notes per second and the fact that music isn’t supposed to be a competition or a race. There’s always going to be someone who’s “better than you” or who can play more notes per second but that doesn’t really matter. And you can make up a song that one person loves and another person hates, so what really matters is that you play what you like to play and put everything you’ve got into it and if you’re good at what you’re doing and having fun I guaruntee your audience will too. I started out learning to play as a kid with an old sears and robuck acoustic with terrible action, but I didn’t even know what action was I just knew I couldn’t make that “f” chord. Then when i was around 13 I got my first decent guitar. It’s a Grestch & I still have it but I remember being so happy cause I could finally make that “f” chord which opened up a whole new world of bar chords for me. Gosh, sorry, I probably should’ve started my own blog or somthing, but I don’t even know how yet. My dream jam session? Just playing with good people who love music and stay sober enough to play it. Everyone in the band sings great, cool harmonies, a bass player who knows how to hold back and just play it the way it should be played instead of trying to play lead, a drummer whose not afraid to show people how cool it was when people actually played real drums. And, playing music for the fun of it, not for money. My dream set-up? A decent guitar probably my old fender & an amp with only two knobs-volume and SRV’s tone. No pedals at all except maybe a volume pedal. Dream concert- Well, I guess it would have to be like when the Beatles first came to America except…. louder to make sure the audience heard and appreciated every note. Ok, I better go to bed now. Thanks for letting me write here.

    • i have to agree i big into the old delta bluesman none of them were rich they hopped boxcars walked miles to stand on a soapbox on a corner and play their music sure their case was open for donations by people who enjoyed the music unfortunately it has become about fame, fprtune, and every vice you can thin of. What happened to the days when it was about the music and how good it made the musician feel to see the enjoyment of the people appreciating the music lyrics use to tell stories now half the time they dont even make sense.

  2. cody

    hi, im new to this blog thing. i was looking into getting a ibanez rg1570, but after reading your review i have some doubts. is there ANYTHING better for the money?
    i was looking to spend around 700-800. and i like all the 80’s shred stuff
    what can you recommend??? any help would be greatly appreciated…

    • MrGorgyPorgy

      If you like to shred, I recommend a Charvel or ESP for they kind of money your looking to spend. Or save up for a Gibson Flying V or a Les Paul Classic. The pickups in a Classic are smoking hot enough for metal.

  3. Cool blog. I am eager to wait for more stuff.
    Hope to read more amps and guitar reviews!

  4. cool blog you got here. more on your self would be nice, I’m sure we’re all dying to know who ‘the guitarist’ is 🙂

  5. Hey Guitarist,
    Why not add my blog to you impressive list.

    Thanks and rock on,

  6. MrGorgyPorgy

    I just wanted to tell you, you must of received the worst Mexican Tele ever made. Your depiction of Mexican guitars is far from accurate and the comments reflect that. I don’t know about you, but I can make a Squire sing. If you can play, you can play anything. I have always said, it’s the player not the guitar.


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